Humanity has prospered but made no contact, we have opened a gate to the other side of the universe…

but we found something sleeping.

Welcome To Nys. Haven. Humanity’s last home.

From cramped cockpits, and low orbit viewing platforms…
From the twisted minds that brought you ClockJoke and Thieves of Magic…
We bring you…

Space Nerds

A Space faring game of FATE. By obsidan portal users reccy and pidgeonsan.

The Crew (weighing in at 5 members):

  • Captain Ashley Stornway – Valkyrie of the Lost Armada
  • Agatha Preston – 1940s Swashbuckling pilot with red lipstick
  • Deego Espiree – Dogeared Manchild Engineer
  • Eir Fullsthap -
  • Gordon Chow -

Space nerds

Sonnet blanket CaptainAgathaPreson